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Advertising with MAIL-A-MAP is the most cost-effective way to reach a targeted, local market over an extended period of time. 

Town maps are heavily used by tourists, visitors, new residents and business travelers, among others.

See a sample mapOur maps are the FIRST form of advertising that newcomers or visitors are exposed to; they refer to a map long before they have access to yellow pages or a local newspaper.  And because people refer to our maps over and over again, your advertising gets repeated exposure, insuring name recognition in your market.

With MAIL-A-MAP you can be certain that no other local advertising medium has as broad a distribution network.  MAIL-A-MAPs are available free at each Town Hall, Chamber of Commerce, tourist and visitor information centers, hotels, real estate offices, and the 40 or so advertisers on each map.  Average annual circulation for most maps is in excess of 10,000 copies.

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MAIL-A-MAP advertisers receive not only a full color display ad, but also a locator dot on the map so customers can easily find you, and a complimentary supply of the maps, with counter display rack, for distribution to your customers.

All ads are printed in vibrant full color on glossy paper.  We can accept your camera ready ad copy, or design a beautiful ad to your specifications, at no extra charge.

We think MAIL-A-MAP advertising represents the best value in local advertising, but don’t take our word for it.

The facts speak for themselves: MAIL-A-MAP advertisers renew their ads every year at a 75% rate, unheard of in the local publishing industry.  With ads starting at under $200 for the year, shouldn’t you join the ranks of satisfied MAIL-A-MAP advertisers?

To find out when your town map is next being printed email us [email protected].

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