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"My Au Pairs love Mail-a-Maps. It enables them to see where everything in town is and where other Au Pairs are located in relationship to where they are living. Incredibly useful tool for newcomers, as well as 40+ year residents!"

- Carol Steinman
  Au Pair in America

"Mail-a-Maps are terrific! Our patrons love the paper maps, even with GPS and cellphones giving directions. People still need to see what the entire town looks like and where roads are in relation to one another. They love the street maps so they can find their way around. Thank you for providing these!"

- Sally Tornow
  New Milford Public Library

"The Guilford Information Center (next to the Community Center, 32 Church Street), a resource for tourists and residents, receives hundreds of requests for these Mail-A-Maps each year. A wonderful resource to have in PRINT format !!! Thank you for continuing this service !"

- Tracy Tomaselli
  Guilford Preservation Alliance

"Westport MA attracts many out of town visitors. The Mail-A-Map has been a great tool to offer our customers."

- Lisa Cusick
  Partners Village Store and Kitchen

"The town Mail-a-Maps are fantastic! We have stocked them at every public library I have ever worked in, and they have always been popular. We give them to people who just moved to town and are getting their library cards. Our town has many weekenders and visitors from out-of-state. They love the street maps so they can find their way around. I know they are popular at our Town Hall as well. Thank you for providing these!"

- Donna Miller
  Kent Memorial Library- Kent

"Great maps and fast service. Our patrons and visitors are always looking for them."

- Thomas Borysiewicz
  Woodbury Public Library

"An excellent resource for our patrons and visitors to Norwalk! An asset to the library and community!"

- Melissa Mastrianni-Khan
  South Norwalk Branch Library, Norwalk, CT

"Mail-A-Map is the most sought after item in our office. We can never have enough of them. The public are always coming to our office for all kinds of information and the maps are wonderful to guide them elsewhere in their adventures. The looks we get when we tell them they are free are priceless. "

- Rick McQuaid
  Norwalk Town Clerk

"Mail-A-Maps are an essential tool in our office for new residents, visitors, genealogists and the general public. They are a good size, are easy to read, accurate and best of all they are FREE! Thank you for your continued service to our town."

- Louisa Trakas
  Plainfield CT Town Clerk

"Many individuals searching for roads or directions always come to Town Hall for these maps. They especially like the price....FREE!"

- Patricia J. Crisanti, CCTC
  Salem Town Clerk

"Mail-A-Map is one of the most sought after items in the Town Clerk's office. Requests for maps come from real estate agents, delivery drivers, potential residents, and current residents for their visiting company or wedding guests. People truly appreciate this free service - I certainly do."

- Nancy J. Martucci - Town Clerk
  Town of Madison

"Delivery people, visitors to our town and even long-time residents often stop by our office looking for maps. They really appreciate the fact that they are able to locate even the newer streets in town and are especially pleased to learn that the maps are free! Thanks for making these maps available and for updating them annually."

- Carolyn Z. Soltis
  Cheshire Town Clerk

"Mail-A-Maps are a great resource to citizens, visitors, realtors, deliverymen and students. In addition, it is a good way for our local businesses to do some advertising. Every year I have students coming to my office to complete a homework assignment. The map has useful information about the town that is helpful to the students. It is a nice size and gives new citizens a birds eye view of the town; GPS can't do this. Yes, there is still a need for a "paper" map. Thank you Mail-A-Map for providing this valuable resource."

- Kim Garvis
  Town Clerk - Durham, CT

"People love Mail-A-Maps. Visitors and many Town residents come in for maps on a daily basis. People new to Town and delivery drivers love them. Not only are they informational, but people can also find local businesses through the advertisements. This is great for business as well. We have to re-order several times a year because they are so popular. Thanks Mail-A-Map!"

- Marianne Kelly
  Town of Branford

"Many of our customers like delivery people, bus drivers, campaign workers, fire departments, real estate agents, new residents and visitors, to name a few, still request our Mail-a-Map for a variety of reasons. The map is very accurate and easy to read. We certainly value this important service in our office. "

- Joyce Mascena
  Glastonbury Town Clerk

"In the Town of Bloomfield new residents always stop into Town Hall to take care of business and ask for a map of the Town. Even residents and businesses ask for maps daily. What a great tool for getting the message out about our local businesses. Town Hall wouldn't be the same without them."

- Marguerite Phillips
  Bloomfield Town Clerk

"We are constantly amazed at the number of "MAIL-A-MAPS" picked up by residents, new residents, new law enforcement personnel, businesses etc. and the best part is that they are free."

- Peter J. Denuzze
  New Britain Town Clerk

"It is amazing, in this day of technology, how many people come into Town Hall looking for a map of Clinton. They are informative and accurate. My own GPS (aka LuLu) has me going all over the place, not necessarily the direct route. Please, everyone, support Mail A Map, you won't be disappointed! I thank you for your donation of Town maps."

- Karen Lee Marsden
  Town Clerk/Clinton

"The Mail-A-Map is a wonderful free tool for our residents, customers and the general public. They ask for the map by name and are always appreciative that you supply these at no cost to themselves or the Town. "

- Cheryl A. Grist
  Town of Pomfret

"I find the free Mail-A-Map extremely useful to our residents, clients and the business community. Schools use them to teach children how to read and use a map--getting them to and from school, library, a friend's etc. Service people stop in to pick up a map for making deliveries. GPS and Google maps are fine except everything has to be programmed in and service people are not always in the same towns on the same streets."

- Dolores Sassano. Town Clerk
  Town of Wethersfield

"Thank you for your donation of town maps to cover our response area which includes Middlesex and New Haven Counties. These maps enable our disaster assessment teams to have the information from the maps to service clients during a local fire, or a national disaster operations. Thank you for your support of the American Red Cross and your local community."

- Susan Parker -Senior director Emergency Services
  American Red Cross - New Haven

"Each year, when it's time for my ad renewal, I ask myself....with gps, iphones, this expense really worth it...?????......I think it is!!!!!.....It helps when people are really not from the area and they can see "the full picture" of the town."

- Rosalie Averill
  Rupwani Associates Real Estate

"We give Mail-a-Maps to new residents in town to find their way around--it's good advertising for our business community. There is always a new road in a small town - delivery trucks stop here to find directions for traversing country roads. Mail-a- Maps are very beneficial to everyone."

- Pat C.
  Salem, CT Town Clerk

"Mail-A-Maps are accurate and are a great help to our residents and visitors in finding their way around town!"

- Edith Salisbury
  Middlebury, CT Town Clerk

"Mail-A-Maps are very popular in our town hall. We have people ask for them daily. We find that many new people want them as soon as they move in. We have even had those getting a marriage license ask to have some for the out of towners to be able to find their way around. It is a staple on our counter."

- Linda
  Town Clerk - Woodbury, CT

"Our Mail-A-Maps are a hot commodity, people walk in every day to get them. Most people who move here come to the office first thing to learn about the city and take a map. We also refer them to the Mail-A-Map website. "

- Joe Q
  Torrington, CT Town Clerk

"We refer to the Mail-A-Map on a daily basis and have it available it for the public. It has been utilized by bus drivers, delivery drivers, student and adult exchange groups, the fire department, tag sale shoppers, and real estate agents to name a few. It is a staple of our office and has been for many years."

- B.K.

"Many people who are new to Milford come into our office to get a Mail-A-Map. They are always very thankful."

- Suzanne
  Milford, CT City Clerk

"When visitors come from out of town, I always tell them where to find a Mail-A-Map, because they are the most convenient guides to help an out-of-towner find their way around Middletown - where there are lots of restaurants and local businesses featured on the map."

- Joe D.

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