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North Kingstown, RI Street Map

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Kings Town was incorporated in 1674, and included the vast area of Narragansett County. While it encompassed the present towns of North Kingstown and South Kingstown at that time, it was not until 1722-23 that they were established as separate towns. Best known as Rhode Island's sea town, North Kingstown's contributions are as historically significant as they are unique. Because of its location and natural harbor and beaches, North Kingstown is famous as a summer resort and haven for pleasure boats. Among its many historic sites still standing are Smith's Castle, built in 1640, by Richard Smith as a trading post, and used as a rendezvous point for troops who fought in the Great Swamp Fight in 1675. North Kingstown is also the birthplace of America's foremost portrait painter, Gilbert Stuart. Rolling Rock and Queens Fort, two of North Kingstown's landmarks, indicates the strong presence and tradition of Narragansett Indians in Rhode Island. With its enchanting old churches and quaint colonial shops and homes, North Kingstown is an example of traditional life in New England. Two examples are the Old Narragansett Church, built in 1707, the oldest Episcopal Church building north of Philadelphia, and Wickford Village, which contains an impressive collection of houses dating back to the late 18th and early 19th centuries — most likely the largest concentration of colonial houses in such a small area in the nation.

Today, North Kingstown is in the vanguard of a trend that is marking the future of Rhode Island's economic stability and industrial growth. From its earliest industries such as textiles, farming, fishing and boat building, to the designation in 1941 of Quonset Point and Davisville as major naval installations, North Kingstown has had a rich history of diversified economic growth and development. Although 1973 brought an end to naval activities in North Kingstown, the closed facility at Quonset Point provided Rhode Island with more than 750 acres of prime industrial land with ideally-suited, in-place facilities for a major job-producing Industrial Park, continuing North Kingstown's growth and economic development. 

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